How to Rout a Cutting Board Juice ֱ

A popular feature many woodworkers add to their cutting boards is a juice groove. A juice groove prevents liquids from dripping off the edge of your cutting board and creating a mess on your countertop. It’s essential that the juice groove is smooth and evenly formed around the perimeter of the cutting board. This juice groove router jig makes the process of routing the cutting board juice grooves easy, accurate and adjustable. 

VIDEO: Best Way to Cut a Juice ֱ in a Cutting Board

Adjusts to Fit Multiple Size Cutting Boards

strips of wood for cutting board

The jig rails slide in both directions to simplify the process of adjusting the jig dimensions to fit cutting boards up to 18" x 18" in size.

Guide Bushing

The included guide bushing mounts to any plunge router baseplate with a 1-1/4" diameter center hole.

Juice ֱ Router Bit

The Rounded-Shoulder Juice ֱ Bits (sold separately), work similarly to core box bits, but also apply a nicely rounded edge to the top edge of the groove.